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Play Champions League with Heineken Star Player (iPhone)

To kick off, let me just say that I think this is brilliant - it’s not perfect and there are some niggling elements to it, but as an original, engaging idea for an iPhone app this is great.

Heineken have released Star Player, a game that you play during every UEFA Champions League match whilst watching the game live on TV. 

It’s basically in-game gambling, but for points not cash. The idea is you prove your football instincts by anticipating/predicting live match moments - corner kicks, free kicks, penalties, when goals might be scored - e.g. will a corner kick be saved, scored, cleared or missed, or predict a goal will be scored in the next 30 sec (with more points being earned the earlier you predict).

It’s good fun to play and adds some excitement to a game, particularly for those ‘not so exciting’ second leg games, but there are some slightly frustrating points to it - like the actual football game often seeming to ‘move on too fast’ for Star Player to keep up with which voids your prediction for that moment, and occasionally the match moments just don’t register on the app. As stated earlier though, it’s new and original so I guess teething problems are to be expected and hopefully improved on quickly.

I’d like to see better Facebook integration. You can set up leagues via Facebook connect, but it’s a little clunky and seems like it was a bit of an afterthought. How about simply being able to see which of your other friends are using the app too? I think they’ve also missed a trick in not having any way you can use the app outside of when the Champions League games are being played.

All in all though it’s really clever, taps into the trend of multi-screen watching, looks good and is well done.

Heineken Star Player is free for iPhone on App Store.

PikPok release first club branded version of Flick Kick … Flick Kick Chelsea

Flick Kick Football (the best iPhone game EVER) gets the Chelsea smile treatment - the Chelsea FC version includes the expected blues re-skin, but also is set at Stamford Bridge and features club trivia.

No doubt the first of many club branded versions - smart move PikPok, hats off to ya.

Flick Kick Chelsea is 59p on App Store.

Football League - Official Clubs App (iPhone)

Calling all Football League club supporters. The Football League have released an app especially for you!

It features all the usual stuff - live scores, league tables, fixtures etc - but, also features more in depth and sometimes exclusive news about your team, player profiles, and in depth analysis of your teams games.

Looks great and it’s nice to have something that caters specifically for supporters of non-Premier League clubs.

Football League - Official Clubs App is free on App Store.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out iFooty for iPhone and iPad too.

iFooty. Do you? (iPhone/iPad)

iFooty is a must have for any footie fan. Use it to keep up to date on live results, check how the league table is looking and get all the latest news.

What’s clever about iFooty is the interface, really good for getting an overview of what’s happening across the whole league or with a few clicks you can drill down so that you only see information relevant to your team.

It also now not only covers all UK leagues (Premier League, League 1, League 2, etc including Champions League and UEFA Cup), but also Europe (La Liga, Serie A, etc), USA’s MLS, some of South America’s Leagues and also Japan’s J. League!

All this for free. Rocking. There is also an iFooty Plus option available for £1.79 which is ad free and allows push notification for goals.

iFooty for iPhone and iPad is free on App Store.
iFooty Plus for iPhone and iPad is £1.79 on App Store.

Flick Kick Football Update: Now available in HD for iPhone and iPad. Back of the net!
For me it’s still the best app of 2010 (and maybe even EVER!) to hit the iPhone. Now they’ve upped the resolution for iPhone 4 and iPads. Beautiful. Check the Flick Kick Football review here.
PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2010 for iPhone is out now!
The best football game in the world (controversial) is out for the iPhone, just in time for the World Cup… well, almost. Is it any good on a phone? Mixed reviews so far. Check it out for yourself - PES2010 for iPhone

Keep tabs on the World Cup in South Africa

The World Cup is coming soon. YES! But, how am I going to keep track of what games are coming up, when the crucial England games are, what the scores are or were? Well, probably with South Africa 2010 Tracker, that’s how.

It does all of that and allows you to see the info by group or date. There are a few World Cup apps available and this app won’t be winning any design awards, but it’s free and seems to give all the required info so it’ll do me.

South Africa 2010 Tracker is free on App Store.