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The social weather app that is going down a storm! Weathermob for iPhone

We’re not the first to highlight the newest social meets weather iPhone app, Weathermob - it’s already triggered an interesting debate on Wired and been featured by Guardian, Cult of Mac and Appadvice.

With the weather being THE most universal of conversation topics, the winter quickly drawing in and the collective mood changing with the season, the release of this app couldn’t have been timed better.

The app takes a whole new approach to weather - it has your hour-by-hour weather forecast data as you’d expect, but it’s the first time the human/social element has been layered on in a clever and interesting way, allowing you to make your own reports adding text, photo, video or simply using the nicely designed reporting icons for weather, mood and mood badge (take your pick from snowmen, penguins, ice creams and more).

You can choose to see reports from all over the world or those just local to you and it has Facebook and Twitter integration built in, so finding and following your friends is a breeze!

Very cool, looks slick and it’s free - so a must try for anyone who has ever had anything to say about the weather… which is everyone, right?

Weathermob for iPhone in free on App Store

Discover fashion on the move with ASOS’ new app (iPhone/iPad)

ASOS, leading online global fashion retailer, has joined the likes of Ocado in rolling out a well thought through and excellently designed bespoke app that makes shopping on your mobile a genuine option.

ASOS launched their mobile web store back in October ‘10 which was OK, it did a job and was usable, but was very much a poor cousin to the online shopping experience found on the main site.

This new iPhone/iPad app from ASOS really steps it up a gear, after a noticeable but reasonable initial load time you’re able to view browse the thousands of products easily drilling down by category, trend or search. The product thumbnail images are big and clear enough to be useful, but what’s great is the pinch zoom function allowing you to get right in on the detail of images.

The navigation and differently functionality is all very intuitive, load times for new product to load seems VERY snappy and the app syncs all of your personal ASOS account info meaning that you’re able to see your saved items, add to basket, pay for and track your orders right from the app (though I did notice an initial glitch where it emptied my entire basket on first login - putting this down to teething problems). 

ASOS keeping true to their innovative reputation, already fashion industry front runners in social media and now stealing a march on their rivals when it comes to mobile with an extremely good app.

ASOS app for iPhone and iPad is free from the app store.

Trying to find your way to an iPhone SatNav app? Check out CoPilot Live v.8 (iPhone/iPad)

The iPhone with it’s GPS has the capability to make an awesome (and very handy, always in your pocket) satnav and if you’re considering CoPilot Live from ALK, then consider no more… it’s very, very good.

When talking about satnav/GPS systems the obvious name that springs to mind is TomTom, however at £49.99 for TomTom on your iPhone it’s one of the more pricer apps, whereas CoPilot Live is a snip at £19.99 and does everything you’d need from a satnav and more.

CoPilot Live’s interface is clean and simple, I previously used a standalone TomTom device to get me around (admittedly not TomTom’s latest version) and CoPilot Live compares favourably - both navigate to where I want them to get to, but CoPilot seems a little more slick overall.

One of CoPilot’s standout features is it’s ‘Live’ services - as standard you get access to live weather, live local search and live link, and if you sign-up to the premium service you can use the live traffic updates and live fuel prices.

What I found particularly clever is the ‘social’ integration; via Facebook connect you can actually post status updates to Facebook and using the live link function you can coordinate and track meeting up with friends, enabling to see where each are on a map, message, etc which is a neat idea.

An iPhone holder and in-car charger are always a good idea when using your phone as a satnav - accessories are available direct from ALK here.

CoPilot Live for iPhone is £19.99, CoPilot Live for iPad is £24.99 from App Store.

Test footage from Star Wars: Falcon Gunner - the first Star Wars augmented reality game. Apparently due to drop mid-November. One word… A-W-E-S-O-M-E-!!

Read it Later (iPhone/iPad)

Read it Later is, err, very much like Instapaper. You can save stuff to read later… hence the name.

Read it Later has a free version and also a pro version for £2.99. Available for both iPhone and iPad on App Store.

Instapaper (iPhone/iPad)

Instapaper lets you save ‘stuff’ so that you can read them later, offline. Stuff generally being web pages, interesting blog posts, articles, etc that you really want to read, just not right now.

It’s also being incorporated into a lot of websites/mobile apps too as a useful feature.

The Instapaper mobile app lets you read the stuff that you’ve saved on your phone - and once your stuff is downloaded you can read it offline (underground, on a plane, etc, etc).

Instapaper has a limited free version for iPhone. The full version available for iPhone and iPad is £2.99 on App Store.

Trainyard (iPhone)

To get the trains to the right stations you’ll need to master timing, colour blending, switching of tracks and more.

This has a bit of a slow start, but really needs to in order to teach the different fundamentals you’ll need to complete the more advanced stages. Keep with it as it soon starts to become quite addictive.

Trainyard Express for iPhone is free.
Trainyard for iPhone is £1.79. is now mobile!

Online fashion store has just launched its mobile site, so now you can browse and order direct from your iPhone. The mobile site gives you access to all the mens and womens products that you’ll find on the main website (+35,000 products!) and works pretty well.

It’s a mobile site (not an app) so works across all mobile platforms (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc) - but you can easily add to your iPhone home screen giving you a handy icon for instant access, just like an app.

To check out the mobile site simply point your mobile browser to

Dunk against the best in the world with StarDunk (iPhone)

A simple ball and hoop game that is made brilliant by its massive multiplayer online capability. Get a few practise rounds under your belt, then get yourself online and see how you measure up against other players all around the world.

StarDunk for iPhone is free on App Store.

Focus your mind with OmniFocus (iPhone/iPad)

OmniFocus is a personal task manager, it takes your simple to-do lists to the next level. The desktop app is simply awesome and does way too many clever things to mention here - if you haven’t checked it out already we highly recommend it.

This is the mobile counterpart to the desktop app, OmniFocus on mobile lets you continue to access, use, organise and add to your personal tasks database on the move. 

The simple and intuitive interface of the desktop app is also reflected in the mobile app, there are some handy plug-ins to allow tasks to be created from safari on your iPhone and you can even set tasks by location so your the app can tell you what tastes you’re able to do depending on where you are!

OmniFocus is £11.99 for iPhone and £23.99 for iPad on App Store.