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PikPok release first club branded version of Flick Kick … Flick Kick Chelsea

Flick Kick Football (the best iPhone game EVER) gets the Chelsea smile treatment - the Chelsea FC version includes the expected blues re-skin, but also is set at Stamford Bridge and features club trivia.

No doubt the first of many club branded versions - smart move PikPok, hats off to ya.

Flick Kick Chelsea is 59p on App Store.

Flick Kick Football Update: Now available in HD for iPhone and iPad. Back of the net!
For me it’s still the best app of 2010 (and maybe even EVER!) to hit the iPhone. Now they’ve upped the resolution for iPhone 4 and iPads. Beautiful. Check the Flick Kick Football review here.

This year’s best iPhone game just got better!

Flick Kick Football has just been updated. Those clever folk at PikPok have added a new ‘Bullseye’ game mode… you’re against the clock, the better you aim, the more points and valuable seconds you’re given.

This’ll surely sort the men from the boys.

If you missed the original review of Flick Kick Football go read it now.

Flick Kick Football (iPhone). Simple genius.

PikPok, the people that brought us the brilliant Flick Kick Rugby (and Flick Kick Field Goal), have reversioned their kicking game just in time for the World Cup - and Flick Kick Football is even better than any of its predecessors.

Like the others in the Flick Kick series, the objective of the game is simple, flick the ball and score… as many times as possible. But, in this footie version the power and curl you apply to each kick is vitally important to beat the defenders and keep you kicking on.

What’s really clever though is how you can gain an extra life by curling your shots just inside the posts or crossbar. This introduces the need to take riskier shots to help you progress.

Love this game, the most addictive app installed for a while. Simple genius.

One slight gripe though, its frustratingly slow response of menus when you first load - the menu options seem to take an unusually long time to actually become responsive, leaving you tapping options with nothing happening for too long (this may be due to me playing it using iPhone 3G running on OS4 - pain in the arse nevertheless).

Flick Kick Football for iPhone is 59p from App Store.

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