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The social weather app that is going down a storm! Weathermob for iPhone

We’re not the first to highlight the newest social meets weather iPhone app, Weathermob - it’s already triggered an interesting debate on Wired and been featured by Guardian, Cult of Mac and Appadvice.

With the weather being THE most universal of conversation topics, the winter quickly drawing in and the collective mood changing with the season, the release of this app couldn’t have been timed better.

The app takes a whole new approach to weather - it has your hour-by-hour weather forecast data as you’d expect, but it’s the first time the human/social element has been layered on in a clever and interesting way, allowing you to make your own reports adding text, photo, video or simply using the nicely designed reporting icons for weather, mood and mood badge (take your pick from snowmen, penguins, ice creams and more).

You can choose to see reports from all over the world or those just local to you and it has Facebook and Twitter integration built in, so finding and following your friends is a breeze!

Very cool, looks slick and it’s free - so a must try for anyone who has ever had anything to say about the weather… which is everyone, right?

Weathermob for iPhone in free on App Store

Everyone wants an invite to the Flipboard party (iPad)

The introduction of the iPad has naturally seen a lot of forward looking magazine formats created for it (think Wired), but Flipboard have upped the stakes with what they’re touting as a personalised, social magazine.

In their own words it┬ácombines “the beauty and ease of print with the power of social media”… and it actually kinda does. Others before have tried to create ‘social magazines’ however in truth they’ve all been a little bit lame, but Flipboard (with the help of the smooth iPad experience) works, and works well.

Very slick and proving to be very popular (they’ve had to limit social network integration to invite only so that their servers can cope with volume).

Check out the Meet Flipboard video to see what all the fuss is about.

Flipboard for iPad is free on App Store.

FarmVille for iPhone available now.
The social gaming phenomenon, Zynga’s FarmVille, is out for iPhone. Free on App Store.